Why is family important?

Family is the most important and valuable gift that God has given us. To me the word family means love, to feel secure and that someone that will always be there for you through good and bad times.

I think too many people don’t realize how important family is. Specifically a lot of teenagers make the extra effort to not spend time with their family or try to rebel against their parents. When thinking about this objectively , parents/family only want the best for you.

When times are rough and you think that no one believes in you , your family will always be there to cheer you on. Your family will always have your back. A lot of people in this world really only help people for self-gain, but your parents are willing to act selflessly for their kids.

Your parents will make a lot of decisions that you don’t agree with, but they are usually right at the end. You have to listen to your parents because they have lived through whatever part of life you are going through right now. They are usually right despite what you may think.

Along with parents , your siblings also play a huge role in the family. You may bicker with them or not always agree with what they do , but there is a more benefit to having them around than you may think. Siblings are the people that we learn from, look up to , and are inspired by. Just like your parents, siblings will always be there for you.

Family is such an important thing , so make every moment count and make good memories with them. If your not close with your family, make the effort to be. You will have a lot of people come in and out of your life , but your family are the only people that are never going away

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